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 Motorola V3X Razr Downloads

This site serves only to assist in downloads of common files and does not warrant usability, availability, compatibility, or accessibility. These files are tested by various users and will NOT lock your phone..

Use at your own risk.

Watch out for ANTY506 - He's a thief!!!!


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-files I'm currently using.

Ring Tones

Monster Packs

Reflash Files

Engineering Prototype BL0650 MP's and Reflash by Jason Mirell

Language Pack 0039

Sound Boost File

Flex Editor Software

Assembly Manual

RSD Driver Pack

Windows Vista Drivers for Motorola

Complete V3x Personalization Guide v2.5 (courtesy E. Bentley)

Skin Collections

Digital Audio Player Flex (Re-installs DAP)

Custom Outer LCD (cl.gif) Instructions

Outer LCD Clock Fix Instructions / File



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  • R252211LD_U_85.9B.D0R
  • No LP / No DRM (No Icons)
  • Courtesy Psychompher and Shadow Cruiser (reflash maker)
  • Released 9/16/06


  • R252211LD_U_85.9B.A1P
  • No LP / No DRM (No Icons)
  • Courtesy Psychomorpher and Jason Mirell
  • Released 9/5/06







Engineering Prototype BL0650 Files by Jason Mirell


  • R252211LD_U_85.9B.A1P FOR BOOTLOADER - Usually associated with "engineering prototypes."
  • No LP / No DRM (No Icons)
  • Courtesy Jason Mirell - MAJOR PROPS FOR THIS ONE!!
  • Released 9/7/06



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Other Files                                                     Back

  • V3x Sound Boost File Compliments of Razr @
  • Follow the directions below.
  • Always store a backup copy to your PC.
  • Turn all volumes DOWN to 2!!! Then back up to desired level.
  • Use LeaderGL or similar and upload file to: /a/mobile/system with attribute 70004.

       Windows Vista Drivers **NEW**

  • V3x Personalization Guide (PDF) Also available at (Thanks Earl)

    HTML version now available - Browser must support Active X controls!

    • Volume 1 in PDF / Mods, Skinning, Audio/Video, and Basic Terms and Definitions

    • Volume 2 in PDF / Java

    • Volume 3 in PDF / Hardware

    • Volume 4 in PDF / Q&A, Additional Terms and Definitions, Error Messages, WAP Settings, Miscellaneous Info


  • Customer Outer LCD (cl.gif) Directions
  • Compliments: TIDDLES and altezza_lex
    Upload your desired 96x80
    cl.gif using the program of your choice, to /a/mobile (not  /a/mobile/system).
  • Open LeaderGL FlexEditor and go to Struments -> Seem Explorer. (Or use another seem editor you like - I prefer p2kman which is compatible for seem up/downloads and xvi32).
    Download the following seems from the phone and make copies of files as backups: 004a_0001, 0061_0001, 0062_0001.
  • Download the modified 0061_0001.seem HERE
    Load the seem you downloaded into LeaderGL or p2kman, then save it to the phone as seems 0061_0001 and 0062_0001. Just rename the file. YES, seem 0062 and 0061 are identical.
  • Now load seem 004a_0001 and find offset 27. Set the value to 00 (i.e. uncheck all the bits - you should find that bit 1 is checked when you first download it).
  • Save it back to the phone.
    Now restart the phone. If the flip was already open, don't expect the image to change when it comes back to life - you need to close and open it again. DONE.



  • Outer LCD Clock Missing? (Compliments: TIDDLES <- Super Job!)
  • Here's the fix: You just need to download the file below and rename it like your current skin's name (i.e. if you're using Red skin -> and upload it to the proper skin directory, then restart and you will have a clock on the external screen.
  • Click here for MODDED File .zip












I hope you find the files useful.


 Enjoy your modding!


Use 7-zip to extract your files!!